Find My Dream Car.

Do you not find it very frustrating when you simply can’t get the car you want? We did! Why go to numerous main dealers ( North/ South /UK) when you just simply come to our showroom in Sandyford, Dublin and get the car you actually want. We’ll do what most other main dealers won’t. Connecting you to your dream car is what we love to do. We are independent enabling us to give unbiased opinions about all makes and models. Specialising in Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Brabus, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes and Porsche, new/used or hard to get models. We take a huge amount of personal pleasure in getting to know our customers. Our guarantee is an enjoyable experience on the road to your next purchase! Come on into our showroom and have a chat in our lounge upstairs, you’ll definitely get a coffee (no matter what!)

We have a reputation through the years of getting our customers the best possible outcomes for their car needs, we offer the following -


We look after the whole process of selling your car for a percentage of the selling price. We have an extensive customer base and use all the main advertising outlets giving your car the best possible chance of getting the optimum result. Selling your car in our bespoke showroom in Sandyford.

DC Motors Dublin Cars Supercars

Direct Buy.

We buy the car directly from you with a price we are both happy with. We are always looking for well maintained, low mileage top Marques.

Part Exchange.

We are happy to consider your existing vehicle against the value of a car which we have in stock or against a car we are sourcing for you.

Forward Order.

If you have put a deposit on a new car and no longer want it we may be able to buy it from you or sell it on. If it’s in demand we may be able to achieve a small premium.